Make your floor up to 85% quieter and feel more solid under foot with our highest quality Clever Underlays!

Designed with advanced technology, our range of moisture resistant acoustic and thermal insulating underlays will protect and ehhance the comfort and performance of your floor.

(Sound Rating: 68dB)
(Sound Rating: 68dB)
(Sound Rating: 56dB)

Different levels of noise explained here



Description of Terms

dB: Decibel
IIC: Impact Isolation Class (measured in the laboratory)
FIIC: Field Impact Isolation Class (measured on-site)
Ln,w: Weighted normalized impact sound pressure level (measured in the laboratory) 

L’’nT,w: Weighted standardized impact sound pressure level (measured on-site)
ISO: International Standards Organization
Ci: Spectrum Adaptation Term for Impact Sound

Clever Comfort / Sound / 200 Underlay Acoustic Test

Clever Choice underlays have been tested by Acoustic Works in accordance with the Acoustic performance standards set by the Building Code of Australia(BCA). Clever Choice underlays comply with these standards as demonstrated by the information above. Testing was conducted in accordance with ISO 140-7: 1998 & ISO 717-2: 1996 over a 220mm concrete slab with a 10mm standard plasterboard ceiling with a 200mm cavity.

Floor Construction

The nominal construction for the floors as tested (from top to bottom), is as follows;

      14mm thick Ultimate Bamboo / 14mm Elegant Oak / 12mm XXL Grande Authentico Laminate / 8mm Colonial Vintage Laminate / 8mm Solido Elite


      Clever Comfort / Sound / 200 - 2mm foam underlay with moisture barrier

      Bare concrete slab (thickness approximately 220mm)

      Suspended plasterboard ceiling in the apartment below (unknown thickness, cavity and insulation)


The equipment used comprised the following:

      • ISO tapping machine, Norsonic Type NOR-211A.

      • NTi XL2 (type 1) Sound Level Meter.


The testing and analysis procedure has been carried out in general

accordance with the following Standards:

      • ISO 140 – 7: 1998 - ““Acoustics – measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements – Part 7: Field measurement of impact

        sound insulation of floors.””

      • ISO 717 – 2: 1996 – ““Acoustics – rating of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements – Part 2 Impact sound insulation””

      • ASTM 1007-90 ““Standard Test Method for Field Measurement of Tapping Machine Impact Sound Transmission through Floor-Ceiling Assemblies

        and Associate Support Structures.””


We note the following observations as a result of inspection, measurement

and analysis;

      1. a) An impact sound rating of L'nT,w54dB (Lnw60,FIIC43) was achieved for bare slab.

      2. b) An impact sound rating of L'nT,w 42dB (Lnw48, FIIC 62) was achieved for the Ultimate Bamboo floor with 2mm Clever Sound underlay.

      3. c) An impact sound rating of L'nT,w 43dB (Lnw48, FIIC 62) was achieved for the Elegant Oak floor with 2mm Clever Sound underlay.

      4. d) An impact sound rating of L'nT,w 46dB (Lnw47, FIIC 62) was achieved for the 8mm Solido Elite Laminate with 2mm Clever Comfort / Sound / 200 underlay.

      5. d) An impact sound rating of L'nT,w 46dB (Lnw47, FIIC 62) was achieved for the 8mm Colonial Vintage Laminate with 2mm Clever Comfort / Sound / 200 underlay.

      6. e) An impact sound rating of L'nT,w 50dB (Lnw50, FIIC 62) was achieved for the 12mm XXL Grande Authentico Laminate with 2mm Clever Comfort / Sound / 200 underlay.


By-Law 35 refers to acoustics for hard floor finishes. This By-Law requires hard floors to achieve a 'field impact isolation control of 55dB under relevant Building Code Regulations'.

It is noted that the term 'field impact isolation control' is not a recognised descriptor for acoustic rating and it is assumed that the term is likely to refer to 'field impact isolation class' (FIIC). The FIIC rating system is generally no longer used in current building codes within Australia, however as this is the closest description to that of the By-Law, the criterion for hard floors is taken as being FIIC 55 or greater.


Based on the results of testing, all tested timber/underlay samples achieved ratings of at least FIIC62.

Therefore, all of the flooring systems system would be acceptable for installation.

Any installation should ensure that buffer distance is maintained (e.g. wall or kickboard etc) and filled with flexible sealant.



Based on the measured levels, the tested samples are predicted to comply with the acoustic rating of Lnw + Ci of 62. The tested floor samples achieved a high rating due to the underlay and the plasterboard ceiling located in the receiver room below. The samples were tested loose-laid, it is predicted that once the flooring systems are fully installed and glued the Lnw + Ci will increase by approximately 3-6dB, which is still predicted to comply with BCA ratings.

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