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What's Trending? Popular Colours

At times, the flooring market can be a challenging one to predict. Trends and fashions change with each season and colours can become popular at unexpected times.

In this article, we explore some of the flavours of the month, season and year!

We look at what's hot right now and what products and colours customers are going ga-ga over!

Some of them may surprise you...

Clever Hybrid SPC

First up we have Hybrid SPC.

In the last 12 months or so, there has been a significant shift in the market towards Hybrid and waterproof flooring, so it is no surprise that it is our first tantalising product flavour!

Clever Choice continues to meet market demand, always seeking new, innovative and sustainable products. With the shift in the market and interest turning towards Hybrid and waterproof flooring, Clever Choice has delivered by introducing new colours and expanding our waterproof Hybrid SPC and Hydro Laminate ranges.

Our Clever Hybrid SPC range has taken off and has been such a success! We are proud to continue innovating and offering new products with the same Clever quality to the Australian market. Colours Springbrook and Blaxton in the XL range and Blackbutt, Misty Valley and Stoney River in the XXL range seem to be the flavour that everyone wants at the moment! These colours are running hot and selling fast! Orders for Spotted Gum in the XXL have also surged in recent weeks, with stock being sold before the next container even docks! We have containers continually rolling in - just like the orders!

Clever Hydro Laminate

Following along the theme of waterproof flooring, Clever Hydro Laminate offers protection from moisture for up to 96 hours. This is another range that has successfully attracted customer interest.

Colours across our three Clever Hydro rages (Hydro Classic, Hydro Lifestyle and Hydro XL) have been popular, with frequent orders for Kimberley, Rosewood, Jarrah Iron Grey and Brushbox taking the cake.

Other colours proving to tickle the tastebuds include Cypress Pine and Spotted Gum.

Our Hydro range has a unique carbon-infused core, which slows the intake rate of moisture, offering peace of mind and flooring you can trust.

Clever Bamboo

That's right! Bamboo is making a comeback!

We are excited to see orders for bamboo flooding in. Colonial and Balinese seem to be the favourites at the moment. Clever Choice started with bamboo and we continue to supply bamboo. Our quality has only improved over the 15+ years we have been in the market and we are proud to be a leading supplier of bamboo in Australia.

Not all bamboos are made the same. Clever bamboo is proven to be reliable and durable. Its high density and hot press manufacturing give it extremely strong structural stability and ensure it is bamboo you can trust! We have plenty of stock in our other colours too! Check out the full range here!

Clever Oak

Clever Oak is no stranger to the limelight and Macadamia reigns supreme as our most popular colour in the 14mm range.

Sandy Bay in the 12mm is quickly catching up. Although a newer colour - and the same as the Natural in the 14mm - this little sister is making a big impact! Sales are rising for this popular colour! In the 21mm oaks, Limewash and Semilion seem to be tickling everyone's fancy!

Want to know more? All product information, specification sheets and test results and reports are available on our website for easy access and download!

Clever Euro Laminate

Last and certainly not least! One of our all-time favourites and best performers - Clever Euro Laminate!

Manufactured in Germany, our Clever Euro Laminate ranges have been popular and strong since they were introduced many years ago.

XXL Grande Authentico and Solido Elite colours are consistent performers all year round. Offering Clever quality and German precision, combined with a range of stunning colours to suit any interior, these are certainly flavours to be tasted.

Offering true style, quality and value.

So while the shift has redirected attention to Hybrid and waterproof flooring products, Clever's entire product range is still performing well and we continue to innovate and expand our ranges to suit the growing and evolving Australian flooring market.

Clever Choice is always looking to innovate with our mission and vision being to:

To continue to innovate product development and formulate sustainable flooring solutions

in order to deliver the highest quality products to the Australian flooring market. Our relationships and products will always reflect our commitment to quality and offer

exceptional customer service and value for money.

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