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Clever Pet Owners, Read This! Caring for Your Floor with Pets

Pets can be wonderful additions to families, bringing an abundance of love and joy to those in the home. We all have a special place for our special ones.

Cute little (or big) bundles of fluff, they can do no wrong...until...

While we love them, we also love our floors and sometimes, our love for our pets can turn into frustration when scratching or (scent) marking occurs.

Do you find it funny that pets seem to have a tendency to mark on the carpet rather than on the tiles where it would be easier to clean up? It's like they know and it's never when you're looking, of course!

The other balance is finding a floor that is pet friendly and strong enough to withstand those excited paws and claws running down the hallway to greet you at the front door at the end of the day!

Clever Choice don't do carpet, so we can't advise the best tips there, however, being pet owners and lovers ourselves, we certainly do supply pet-friendly floors!

Above that, we offer extra tips for caring for your floors when one or more of your family members has 4 legs.


All Clever Choice Floors have strong, durable and scratch-resistant coatings. This can withstand those excited paws ad claws, however we do still recommend getting your pets claws trimmed occasionally to avoid excess wear on the coating.

It is important to remember that every hard floor covering can scratch, however, strong coatings can reduce the likelihood and ease of pet claws having an effect.

If you have a certain area of the floor you particularly don't want damaged, rugs can also be used to protect the floor. Just be sure to move them regularly, so the floor oxidises equally and receives equal exposure to sunlight. For more on this, refer to our Clever Care Maintenance page.

Scent Marking

Hardwood floor coverings are sensitive to moisture and prolonged exposure can have adverse effects over time.

If your pets do make a mess on your hard floor, we recommend cleaning it up as soon as possible. If pets are inside alone during the day, the moisture protection ratings on our different products ranging between 8 and 96 hours and beyond, will give you peace of mind that you can clean it up when you get home.

It is recommended to clean a few inches around the spot to deodorise the spot thoroughly to avoid re-marking by your pet in that same spot. Avoid products that contain ammonia, as this can encourage repeat marking.

It is important to use a slightly damp mop or rag only when cleaning your Clever floor. Use a PH-neutral wood floor cleaner. We recommend Bona products, check out our Clever Care Cleaning page for more information!


It's inevitable. Something in their DNA tells them when it's time to shed - and let's face it, don't we all like to shed a few layers as the weather heats up?

When cleaning up pet hair - or just doing your spring clean sweep - an antistatic mop is all you need. If a vacuum cleaner is used, check the condition of the brushes regularly to make sure the metal head doesn't come in contact with the floor so as to avoid any scratching.

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