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Managing Customer Expectations

Customer Expectations and Satisfaction The internet can be a wonderful and informative tool...when the information online is factual. Many customers do extensive research online before entering a store and know all there is to know about flooring products before they even come have a look at the samples. This can be useful because the customer may already have a (strong) idea what they are looking for, however, if the information they have read is not accurate, they can sometimes come in with unrealistic expectations. Additionally, sometimes customers can receive conflicting information from different stores; "the guy at the other store said it wouldn't scratch" or that "it is safe to put in a bathroom".

With so many products on the market, it can be hard to keep track of what can go where and all the different specifications for each! All our product information, specifications, slip, fire, acoustic and emissions test reports are all easily accessible on our website. Often we hear of customer questions arising about the natural variation within flooring, scratch resistance and changes in flooring due to changes in climate / environment. A majority of concerns that we hear from customers probably fall under these 3 umbrella headings. At Clever our focus is on working together with stores to make sure customers have realistic expectations when purchasing the flooring. The result is less complaints and claims - and even more importantly - happy and satisfied customers. Attached to every order confirmation we send is a copy of our Variation Disclaimer and Expected Performance of Floating Floors info sheet. These two documents are also included in your Clever Choice Supply Agreement Folder for copy and distribution to customers. The documents are designed to help align customer expectations with the realistic standards and expectations of how their floor should look and perform.

Furthermore, our Problems and Causes page on our website lists some of the common issues that customers may experience, such as scratching, colour changes due to sun exposure, cupping and swelling due to moisture, squeaking and more. This page offers an explanation for factors that can cause such issues and also offers helpful tips and information for managing them. This is a great resource for helping your customers maintain and care for their floors and for educating your customers on why these issues occur and how they can prevent them in the beginning.

Finally our Clever Care Maintenance page on the website has useful information to help educate customers on caring for the floors, from applying felt pads to furniture to prevent scratching, to increasing or decreasing relative humidity levels to ensure the optimum performance of their floor.

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