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Caring for your floor during Spring in Australia

Caring for your floor during Spring in Australia

"Record warm temperatures above Antarctica over the coming weeks are likely to bring above-average spring temperatures and below-average rainfall across large parts of New South Wales and southern Queensland." - The Conversation

As the weather begins to warm up and we thaw our way out of winter, it becomes important to mange in-home conditions to maintain consistent and optimal performance of your floor. With some of the hottest and driest conditions recorded to affect Australia, it has never been more important to educate consumers, customers and homeowners on caring for their floors during these harsh conditions.

We understand that flooring is an investment and we want to help you manage it in order to ensure its longevity and that it performs optimally all year round.

Below are a few tips, also included in our Care and Maintenance guidelines for each product for managing floors as the conditions start to become warmer. Hot, Dry Climates

Too much heat can draw moisture out of the boards, causing shrinkage. In hot, dry climates add some bowls of water, fish tanks or pot plants around the home to add moisture back into the environment and your floor. Humidifiers also have the same effect. Hot, Humid Climates Just as a loss of moisture can cause boards to shrink, too much moisture can cause them to swell and grow. In areas where the summer months are hot and humid, an evaporative air conditioning system or a dehumidifier can help to maintain a safe level of relative humidity for your floor. Make sure your house is ventilated Do not leave your house locked up for months without any ventilation! When houses / apartments are locked up over summer, when residents return, they often find colour changes or movement in their flooring. During summer, locking the house up with no ventilation creates an oven-effect within the home - cooking the floor! If you are going away, leave a window or two open to allow fresh air flow to avoid the house - and your floor - overheating

Use window coverings Make sure your floor is protected from direct sunlight, as this can cause colour changes in the floor's coating over time. This is especially important if your floor catches the eastern sunrise in the morning or west, setting sun in the afternoon. Climate Control - Temperature and Relative Humidity The optimum performance temperature for a floor is between 18°C-27°C and the optimum relative humidity is between 40%-60%. The area should be consistent with the normal, year-round living conditions and should be maintained by the homeowner to avoid excessive movement of the floor. With the use of permanently fitted (de)humidifiers, air conditioning and/or heating systems, the above conditions can be maintained, optimising the performance of the floor in its installed environment. Air Conditioning Air conditioning can help to maintain a consistent temperature and relative humidity level within the home, which will help to optimise the performance of your floor.

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