There are numerous reasons why your floors would be showing scratches. Read on to discover the possible causes, and how to avoid your floors being scratched.

Possible causes:

  • Heavy Furniture being dropped or dragged along your floors
  • Chair and lounge legs being moved and dragged around
  • Pets claws are not trimmed regularly
  • Dirt and grit being walked into the house scratches the coating on flooring

Overcoming the problem:

  • The best treatment for scratching is prevention
  • Using felt protective pads (not rubber) on legs of furniture
  • Placing rugs under swivel chairs at desks
  • Removing shoes before entering the home
  • Keeping pets’ claws trimmed
  • Regularly cleaning and replacing the brush on your vacuum cleaner
  • Utilising certain products such as Bona Wood Floor Refresher and Gilly Stephenson’s products can help to renew your floor and reduce the appearance of scratches.

General information:

The myth that hard floor coverings don’t scratch has been proliferated too widely. Even laminate floors and tiles can scratch! While Clever Choice products have a scratch-resistant wear layer, like any hard floor covering, they are not 100% scratch proof.

Scratching occurs when something has been dragged across the floor, which has scratched or damaged the coating of the floorboards. Grit and dirt from shoes that are brought in and scraped along the floor is one common cause of fine scratches to floor coverings.

When damaged, the UV-resistant polyurethane coating on Clever Choice products reflects light, giving scratches their notorious white appearance.

This is not a manufacturing defect.

Please refer to our care and maintenance guidelines for each product for more detailed information on how to care for your floors.