There are numerous reasons why your floor changed colour. Read on to discover the possible causes, and how to overcome changes to colour.

Possible causes:

  • No blinds installed
  • Floor exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time
  • Rugs and mats have been left in the same position for longer periods of time

Overcoming the problem:

  • Install blinds to protect the floor from direct sunlight
  • Move rugs regularly

General information:

Overtime with oxidisation and especially with exposure to direct sunlight, floors (including carpets) begin to change colour. In this instance, there was a rug covering one section of the floor, while the rest of the area was exposed to direct sunlight through wall-to-floor windows with no window coverings installed.
As a result, this floor darkened with this exposure, just as we would if we spent days on end in the sun!

This is not a manufacturing defect and is a natural reaction of the floor when exposed to such conditions.

Please refer to our care and maintenance guidelines for each product for more detailed information on the effects of direct sunlight and how to protect your floor.