There are numerous reasons why your floors would be lifting and experiencing vertical movement. Read on to discover the possible causes, and how to overcome lifting and vertical movement.

Possible causes:

  • Installed outside guidelines
  • Installed outside guidelines and without trims
  • Moisture

Overcoming the problem:

  • Rectify installation so it is in accordance with guidelines.
  • Ensure expansion gaps and trims are used as specified.
  • Refer to FAQ for how to manage moisture.

General information:

Bamboo, oak and timber floors are natural products that respond and react to the environments in which they are installed. This means they absorb and release moisture, expand and contract with hot and cold temperatures and move and adjust naturally to varying environmental conditions.

When installing these products, as well as laminate floors, it is important that installation guidelines are followed closely. The use of gapping around the perimeter and expansion trims is essential for ensuring the floor performs at its best. These expansion gaps and trims allow the floor to react naturally to its environment and minimise the visual effects of it doing so.

When expansion gaps and trims are not correctly used, it creates pressure on the floor and the boards push together, causing vertical movement in extreme cases.

This is not a manufacturing defect and is a natural reaction of the floor when installed outside guidelines.

Please refer to our care and maintenance guidelines for each product for more detailed information on the effects of moisture and how to protect your floor.