There are a couple of reasons why your floors would be gapping. Read on to discover the number 1 possible cause, and how to overcome gapping in floors.

Possible causes:

  • Installed outside guidelines without trims

Overcoming the problem

  • Rectify installation so it is in accordance with guidelines. Ensure expansion gaps and trims are used as specified.

General information:

Floating floors have a specified “raft size”. This is the maximum area (L x W) over which a floating floor can be laid before an expansion trim is required.

Some people opt not to have trims installed, due to aesthetics, however, what looks worse than a trim is a gap!

As floating floors react naturally to their environments, expansion trims and trims in doorways allow the floor in different rooms to naturally move and adjust separately. So if conditions change in one room, only the flooring in that room is affected.

If an area larger than the specified raft size installed without the use of trims, natural gaps often appear in between boards where a trim would be required.

This is not a manufacturing defect and is a natural reaction of the floor when installed outside guidelines.

Please refer to our care and maintenance guidelines for each product for more detailed information on the effects of moisture and how to protect your floor.