There are numerous reasons why your floors would be showing blisters. Read on to discover the possible causes, and how to overcome blistering floors.

Possible causes:

  • Moisture

Overcoming the problem:

  • Identify and eliminate the source of moisture such as leaks
  • Refer to FAQ for how to manage moisture.

General information:

Moisture can have varying effects on the flooring. When a floor is exposed to a large amount of moisture for a prolonged period of time, blistering can occur.

The blistering appearance is produced by the board trying to expel and release the moisture. Sunlight and warm conditions can also draw the moisture to the surface of the board, where it creates a blister in the coating as it tries to escape.

Often this occurs near wet areas such as bathrooms or laundries or near windows where water has entered and affected the flooring.

This is not a manufacturing defect and is a natural reaction of the floor when exposed to excess moisture.

Please refer to our care and maintenance guidelines for each product for more detailed information on the effects of moisture and how to protect your floor.