Anti-slip lacquer or sometimes referred to as anti-slip paint or anti-slip varnish is a product used to improve the slip resistance on surfaces and comply with the Building Code of Australia.

From 1 May 2014, treads or nosing to treads (stairnosing) of a stairway must comply with a slip resistance classification as tested to Australian Standard AS 4586 – 2013 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials.  This new test method for slip resistance replaced the old ‘X’ ratings with ‘P’ ratings.

A product such as Bona Traffic HD Anti-slip uses advanced polymer technology. Developed to give uncompromising resistance to scratches, scuff marks and chemicals whilst being sustainable with regard to the environment. It is formulated to meet the highest standards for slip resistance in commercial areas, staircases, or other situations with an increased risk of spillage.

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