What happens if I don’t’ use Trims? The simple answer is, if you do not plan to use Flooring Trims as part of the flooring installation, you are ultimately planning for failure and problems.

The natural movement of your installed Clever floors or any floorboard for that matter is to be expected. As part of the design, planning, and selection process, you should be making an allowance for expansion and contraction of your floors. 

Flooring Trims are not an element you want to miss out on discussing! Every flooring supplier will have guidelines and recommendations that will ensure that your floors are installed to the highest and most professional standards. If recommendations are not followed you may experience performance issues such as squeaking, bouncing, buckling, cupping, or boards exposed from under trims, scotia, or skirting.

Ultimately, Trims will ensure your satisfaction for a professional finish and optimal performance of your Clever floors. 

Trims are an essential component of a professional and successful flooring installation so have a conversation with your designer or the place you have booked your flooring supplies/installation from. You and your floors will be relieved of any pressure or inconvenience, as it is a much more costly exercise to try and remedy situations once your floors are installed!  

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