The two important numbers on the CRF (fire test) report are the mean Critical Heat Flux (CHF) Value and the mean Smoke Value.  These numbers are compared against the requirements in the Volume 1, Specification C1.10, Clause 3 of the National Construction Code (NCC).  If you do not have a copy of the NCC you can download one from here: .

The NCC refers to Critical Radian Flux – this is the same as the CHF Value on the report.  The CHF requirements differ depending on the type of building, the location of the installation within that building, and whether or not the building has a sprinkler system installed or not.  The requirements in the clause are a minimum – the CHF value on the report needs to be either the same or higher than those values in order to meet the requirements.  In addition, for buildings that do not have a sprinkler system attached the Smoke Value must be less than 750 %.min. For buildings with a sprinkler system there is no requirement on Smoke Value.

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