December 2020

What happens if I don’t use Trims?


What happens if I don't' use Trims? The simple answer is, if you do not plan to use Flooring Trims as part of the flooring installation, you are ultimately planning for failure and problems. The natural movement of your installed Clever floors or any floorboard for that matter is to be expected. [...]

What happens if I don’t use Trims?2020-12-23T06:41:11+00:00

What is anti-slip lacquer?


Anti-slip lacquer or sometimes referred to as anti-slip paint or anti-slip varnish is a product used to improve the slip resistance on surfaces and comply with the Building Code of Australia. From 1 May 2014, treads or nosing to treads (stairnosing) of a stairway must comply with a slip resistance [...]

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What is Anti-Slip Tape


Anti-slip tape can be used on a variety of surfaces to prevent falls or slips around the home or office. Anti-slip tape is manufactured from a unique combination of aluminum oxide and a thick plastic carrier to provide a flexible and durable non-slip solution. Anti-slip tape is: Easy to install, [...]

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What is the P slip resistance rating on flooring products


Slip ratings are important as we all have a duty of care to help ensure we reduce the risk and exposure to injuries due to slips, trips, or falls and most importantly create a safe environment. There are numerous factors and conditions that determine the risk. As a general guide [...]

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November 2020

What is VOC?


Defining Volatile Organic Compounds According to the State of the Environment Australia 2016 website, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are a group of carbon-based chemicals that easily evaporate at room temperature. Many common household materials and products, such as paints, glues, and cleaning products, give off VOCs. Common VOCs include: Acetone [...]

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What do I need to know about the Critical Radiant Flux Report?


The two important numbers on the CRF (fire test) report are the mean Critical Heat Flux (CHF) Value and the mean Smoke Value.  These numbers are compared against the requirements in the Volume 1, Specification C1.10, Clause 3 of the National Construction Code (NCC).  If you do not have a [...]

What do I need to know about the Critical Radiant Flux Report?2020-11-24T04:15:43+00:00

The importance of Underlay Selection


Selecting the right Underlay for your purpose is of great importance,  as it can help in the reduction of heat loss, therefore keeping your energy bills to a minimum and keeping the home warmer. If maintaining minimal noise impact is important when choosing the right underlay for your purpose, then [...]

The importance of Underlay Selection2020-11-02T04:54:18+00:00

Why are my floors scratched?


There are numerous reasons why your floors would be showing scratches. Read on to discover the possible causes, and how to avoid your floors being scratched. Possible causes: Heavy Furniture being dropped or dragged along your floors Chair and lounge legs being moved and dragged around Pets claws are not [...]

Why are my floors scratched?2020-11-02T04:42:13+00:00

October 2020

What do I need to know about Moisture affected floors?


The ATFA on the 14 August 2018 held a technical webiner on 'Moisture Affected Floors'. This was such a great resource it is worth sharing with you. You will need about 1 hour to learn a great deal about moisture and flooring, including: - how to identify moisture - precautions [...]

What do I need to know about Moisture affected floors?2020-10-12T04:54:27+00:00

Why are my floors gapping?


There are a couple of reasons why your floors would be gapping. Read on to discover the number 1 possible cause, and how to overcome gapping in floors. Possible causes: Installed outside guidelines without trims Overcoming the problem ​ Rectify installation so it is in accordance with guidelines. Ensure expansion [...]

Why are my floors gapping?2020-10-17T08:39:09+00:00
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