Q: What is the warranty for Clever Choice products?

A: Ultimate Bamboo and Elegant Oak: Lifetime structural warranty, 25 year residential finish, 5 year commerical
Boathouse Laminate: 15 years
Colonial Vintage Laminate: 20 years

XXL Grande Authentico Laminate: 25 years

Q: What is the difference between hot press and cold press? 


A: Hot press bamboo is compressed to 1150kg/Sqm density, while cold press is only compressed to 900kg/sqm. This means hot press density is more than 10% higher than cold press, thereby providing a more stable and better preforming and a longer lasting flooring option.


Q: How durable is Clever Choice flooring?

A: Clever Choice puts quality first. Our extended warranties, superior coating and high density core offer the highest structural stability to ensure that you will have the best flooring to enjoy for a lifetime. 

Q: Who Is Clever Choice and why should I choose Clever?

A: Clever Choice is a hardwood flooring company with over 10 years' experience in the industry. It is a company dedicated to providing a high quality alternative and sustainable hardwood flooring. We are an environmentally friendly company and take steps to minimise our carbon emissions throughout the entire manufacturing process, while ensuring the high standard of quality is upheld in all our products. Find our more here

Q: Where can I buy Clever Choice products?

A: Clever Choice is a wholesale company and we do not supply direct to the public, however, stores across Australia stock our product. Contact us to locate your nearest store today!

Care and Maintenance

Full care and maintenance guides are available here.

Q: How do I clean my Clever Choice floor?

A: Maintenance of Clever Products is simple and requires no chemicals. Simply wipe the floor with a damp, NOT WET, hydrostatic mop. Never use steam mops or abrasive cleaners, steel wool, scouring powder, wax or polish on your floor. Steam mops are not recommended as they can cause damage to the coating. They may also cause damage to the floor.

More information on cleaning your floor is available in our care and maintenance guides.

Q: Can I use vinegar and water to clean my floors?

A: NO. Until recently, the method of cleaning with vinegar and water has been quite a common practice. Unfortunately, the vinegar’s acidity can have a destructive effect on the floor coatings. In the beginning, the floors may look clean and polished, but eventually, over time, the vinegar will affect the shine of your floors. Using too much water when cleaning the hardwood floor can result in problems as well; constant mopping or too much water will damage your floor in the long term because the added moisture will be absorbed and cause a reaction in the boards. Excessive moisture may cause the boards to deteriorate. Wet swiffers or steam mops are not to be used for this type of flooring.

Q: How do I avoid problems with my bamboo flooring?


A: According to David Haywood, technical manager at Australian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA), most problems with bamboo floors occur due to incorrect installation. Often where problems appear, floors have been installed with an incorrect allowance for expansion, on top of an uneven or unlevel subfloor or with inadequate moisture prevention.

Q: Should I have blinds to protect my floor from the sun?

A: Protecting your floor from heat and direct sunlight with sheer curtains and/or blinds can help increase the life of your floor, reduce fading and moisture content and minimise the amount of natural movement that occurs while your floor adjusts to its installed environment.​

Q: Will air-conditioning affect my floor?

A: Air-conditioning can help to maintain the termperature of the room / house, however it can also affect the Relative Humidity, which can impact the performance of your floor. The recommeded Relative Humidity is between 40% and 60% and the recommended temperature is between 18oC and 27oC. This document provides further information on the impacts of air-conditioning on your floor. 

Q: Is there anything different I need to do to maintain my floor during periods of heavy rain or dry weather?

A: It is important to maintain the conditions of the home to ensure the optimum performance of your flooring. The optimum performance temperature is between 18°C-27°C and Relative Humidity between 40%-60%. Permanently fitted humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air-conditioning and/or heating systems can help control living conditions.

Detailed guides to caring for your floor during different weather conditions can be found here. Additionally, full care and maintenance guides are available here.


Q: How can I keep my floor looking good?

A: Clever Choice flooring requires little maintenance, however felt furniture protectors can help protect your floor from scratching. Ensure these are felt-based not plastic based to avoid scratching. Additionally, grit and dirt on the soles of shoes can also scratch the coating of the floor over time. It may be a good idea to leave shoes at the front door to minimise this coating damage.

In areas of excessive traffic and wear, make use of runners or area rugs. Use of protective mats at all exterior entrances will help stop sand & grit coming onto your floor. Full care and maintenance guides are available here.

Q: Why does my floor appear to be squeaking or moving?

A: Some squeaking and movement is to be expected as the floor adjusts to its new installed environment. This is a natural reaction of the floor and these effects should settle down in the first few months after installation.


Q: Why is there a gap appearing in my floor?

A: This is again related to the natural acclimatisation of your floor to its newly installed environment. Gaps appearing as a result of movement are expected while the floor is naturally adjusting to its installed environment. This should settle after a few months. 


Q: What do I do if my floor gets wet?

A: Spills should be wiped up when they occur and scuff marks or stubborn stains may be removed with light rubbing with a slightly damp rag. For best performance and appearance, immediately wipe up spills, foreign substances or water from wet feet. Floors can become slippery when wet. Wipe any excess moisture off the floor immediately using a dry mop or clean towel. Make sure the floor is completely dry where liquid was spilt. 


Q: How can I repair my floor?

A: Your Clever bamboo floor can be easily recovered by using traditional sand and polish process either on individual boards or whole floor. Full care and maintenance guides are available here.


Q: What should I expect from my floating floor installation?

A: Installing, Bamboo, engineered Oak and Laminate as a floating floor on a high density acoustic underlay is the recommended method of installation to allow the boards to move naturally during environmental changes within the dwelling. By installing your floor as a floating floor (ref to our installation guide) you minimise structural stress on the boards, reducing the chance of cupping, warping and stressed boards. As the floor is floating and locked together with a mechanical click locking system, if your subfloor is not level, the boards will create their own level, giving the impression that your floor is now level. Depending on the degree to which the subfloor is not level, some vertical movement would be expected. With minor vertical movement (1-2mm) you could expect some squeaking where the boards rub together at these points. With major vertical movement ( >2mm) you could expect some squeaking and this movement may cause damage to the edges of the boards. It is recommended to check the level of your subfloor before installing your floating floor for optimum performance. 

Q: Can Clever Choice flooring be installed over subfloor heating?

A: Clever Choice Ultimate Bamboo cannot to be installed over any type of underfloor heating. This is a solid natural product, which expands when change of temperature and moisture is introduced and this can affect the performance of the floor. Clever Choice Laminates and Elegant Oak, however, 
can be installed over hydronic subfloor heating, as these products have been engineered to be suitable for this type of installation. However, it must be noted that spikes in moisture and temperature and regularly turning the system on and off can affect performance in these types of floors. During use of hydronic heating, a consistent temperature and moisture level must be maintained.


Q: Can Clever Choice flooring be installed over concrete or tiles?

A: Yes as long as the floor is level and even as per our installation guides, located on each product page. 

Q: Do I need to install expansion trims?

A: Any installation exceeding 8m (width) and 12m (length) will require an internal expansion/contraction gap using a H-Trim or Universal Trim. Installing expansion trims between each room is necessary to allow boards in each room to move independently without being put under pressure. If the floor is installed outside these guidelines it will have too much weight and restrict the natural movement of the floor. This could cause issues like bouncing, cupping, splitting and/or squeaking.

Q: What is underlay and why do I need it?

A: Underlay is mainly a 2mm or 3mm EPE or EVA foam mat with a built in moisture barrier that is installed under floating floors to reduce sound transfer and to provide added moisture protection to the floor. It is needed to provide a barrier between the subfloor and your floating floor. This barrier allows the small irregularities in the subfloor to be easily levelled out. The moisture resistant barrier of the underlay, along with its adhesive strip, will prevent moisture from entering your flooring boards and will reduce sounds while living with your floating floor. Clever Underlay has 5 types within the range, all offering a different level of moisture protection and different acoustic levels depending on your needs and the needs of your home.

Q: Can I install timber flooring in my bathroom/laundry?

A: No. Clever Bamboo is not suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms or laundries

Q: Can I install timber flooring in my kitchen? 

A: Yes. Just be sure to wipe up any liquid spilt on the floor as quickly as possible.

Q: Can Clever Choice flooring be installed in shops/commercial settings? 


A: All 8mm, 12mm, 14mm and 21mm Clever Choice flooring products can be installed in commercial spaces.

All these products have fire, slip, acoustic and emissions ratings that meet Australian standards for commercial use. These ratings can be found on each individual product page.

Q: Can I install my Clever Choice floor by myself? 

A: If you intend to install your floor yourself, it is strongly recommended that you have experience using power tools and experience with general building work. For optimum performance, professional installers are available from your local retailers. 



Your Floor

Q: Should my floating floor squeak? 

A: Due to the volume of the planks clicked together over the area of your floor and because all types of timber flooring  naturally expand and contract due to environmental changes, some squeaking would be expected, especially if there is vertical movement due to an unlevel subfloor. Clever Choice manufactures all our flooring with extreme Quality Control measures during the Click cutting process and apply wax to the locking system to reduce the chance of squeaks and create a moisture seal between the boards.

Q: What causes a cupping or wave effect through my floor?

A: The wave appearance known as cupping is caused by the introduction of moisture added to the boards through over mopping, major or regular leaks or spills, long periods of uncontrolled high levels of humidity or rising dampness. Ways to prevent this and to reduce the effects of this is to:

1. Control the Relative Humidity (recommended between 40%-60%) in the dwelling and the amount of moisture getting into the boards

2. Use a Clever Quality underlay with built-in moisture barrier

3. Install adequate expansion gaps around the perimeter of all solid objects and through doorways

4. Not to over mop and don't use steam mops

Q: Is my floor pet friendly?

A: Yes. Our product coating offers a protective layer for your floor. Just be sure to clean up any pet "mess" as quickly as possible, as it can have a corrosive effect on the floor coating. Cleaning the floor immediately and properly can assist in preventing permanent stains. Be aware that any sharp object applied with pressure will penetrate the protective wear layer. This can include sharp pet claws. More information is available in our care and maintenance guides

Q: Will a timber floor affect my allergies?

A: No. All Clever Choice timber floors are prefinished, sealed and coated. 

Q: Fromaldyhyde/emmissions - safe for my family?

A: Clever Choice products are treated for formaldehyde and have an emissions rating of < 1.0mg / L, making them E1 compliant and safe for the family home. All Clever products are CSIRO tested. These reports can be downloaded from each individual product page. 

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