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Floors designed by nature: natural, beautiful, stylish, timeless

Our Clever Australian Timber Species Collection

Australian timber species represents grandeur at the very high-end of flooring products available on the Australian market. With quality at the forefront, your choice of an Australian Timber flooring product will add value and prestige to your home.

Each Australian hardwood flooring species has its own unique individual patterns that have formed over many years, natural features include elegant knots, enriched grains, lifelines aka gum veins, which when pieced together will bring your home to life, creating a breathtaking work of art in your home.

Thanks to quality construction and coatings, Clever Australian timber flooring provides a versatile and durable solution, bringing an effortless sense of style and simplicity to any decor.

Learn about our Clever Australian Timber Ranges

1. Clever Australian Timber: 190mm Wide

Board Size Thickness Pack Size Boards Per Pack Finish Texture Profile Total Colours
W 180-190mm x
L 1860-2060mm
14mm 2.121-2.166m2 7 nested lengths Smooth UV Lacquer Tongue and Groove 2
Colour Gallery

2. Clever Australian Timber: 150mm Wide

Board Size Thickness Pack Size Boards Per Pack Finish Texture Profile Total Colours
W 150mm x
L 1860-2060mm
14mm 1.674-1.71m2 6 nested lengths Smooth UV Lacquer Tongue & Groove 2
Colour Gallery

3. Clever Australian Timber: 125mm Wide

Board Size Thickness Pack Size Boards Per Pack Finish Texture Profile Total Colours
W 120-125mm x
L 1860-2060mm
14mm 1.86-2.06m2 4 nested lengths 8-10% Matt Lightly brushed Tongue and Groove 9
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Discover more about Australian Timber Species

  • Timeless – Australian Timbers are timeless. They take on a character of their own with all their natural features and patterns formed over many years.
  • Stability and Durability – Timber products have evolved to engineered flooring for a more stable, reliable, and easy to maintain hardwood floor.
  • Environmental responsibility – Timbers are biodegradable, renewable and stores carbon. Australian Timbers are sustainably sourced throughout Australia.
  • Design Choice – Each piece is remarkably unique therefore creating a masterpiece on  your floor.  Chosen for the impressive feeling of grandeur and added value to the home.
  • Availablity – Timbers are readily available in different sizes to suit all living spaces.
  • For Peace of Mind – Your flooring investment is secure with solid structural and finish warranties. Refer to our product and warranty guides. 
Colour Gallery

Colour Gallery

1) Clever Australian Timber Species: Width 180-190mm

2) Clever Australian Timber Species: Width 150mm

3) Clever Australian Timber Species: Width 120-125mm


Colour Variation Disclaimer


Clever Australian Timber Species Collection

The Clever Austrlaian Timber Species Collection provides a vast range of stylish, natural, timeless, and durable hardwood colours together with various widths and lengths. Review the specification sheet and download the brochure to discover more details about our Clever Australian Timber floorboards. Click the links below:

Clever Australian Timbers Specification Sheet
Clever Australian Timber Species Brochure


Clever Australian Timber Species Collection

Download all our Australian Timber product test reports, Safety Data Sheets, and other relevant documentation.


Care, Maintenance, Warranty and Performance Expectations

Clever Australian Timber Species Collection

Just like owning a home or a car, your flooring choice is a lifetime decision that must be cared for and maintained to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Use our guides and fact sheets to help you along the way, living with Australian Timber flooboards.


Clever Underlay

Clever has a variety of Underlay products to suit individual needs and project requirements. Please click the button below to be directed to our Underlay section and make a Clever Choice.

Clever Underlay

Clever Trims and Accessories

Clever Scotia
Clever ScotiaAvailable to suit
Clever Scotia is a decorative moulding used to cover the expansion gap around the perimeter of the room and provides a successfully finished flooring installation.

We have two types available now with an array of colours to choose from, MDF/Laminate Scotia and a Waterproof Scotia to suit Hydro and Hybrid flooring.

Clever Stairnose
Clever StairnoseAvailable to custom make
Protect the most exposed areas of the stair tread from damage and increase the stability of the surface of the stairs by giving them a stable edge to step onto.

Stairnosing also helps to define where a tread ends and provides a stylish finish.

TRIMS and ACCESSORIESClever Trims and Accessories
Trims for flooring installations are almost always overlooked items as part of flooring purchases. Trims are useful to ensure successful flooring installation in your home or office that will add to the performance of your flooring installation and reduce flooring issues after. Trims serve multiple purposes including bridging areas, to cover expansion and contraction gaps, they also help with integration and overall harmony of your entire floorboard installation. When designing your flooring installation and preparing your items for purchase, ensure you discuss Clever Trims and accessories.

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