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Think of flooring trims as jewellery for your floors…

Floor Trims are a necessary accessory for a successful flooring installation!

Aside from Scotia, aluminum trims are used to help in the successful installation and finish of your new Clever Floors. There are a variety of aluminium trims available and are a cost-effect component to suit a variety of purposes. Trims will aid in separating rooms or mark the transition from wood flooring to a different type of flooring for example to carpet. Trims also serve to cover the necessary expansion gaps as outlined in each product guideline.

Clever Hybrid XL Kande Oak 940363

L Trim

The L trim is also quite commonly referred to as an L Angle.
We have two (2) sizes available a 25x10mm (Small) and 30x20mm (Large) both lengths are 2700mm.

L Trim Small Silver 2700×25×10mm 782121
L Trim Small Titanium 2700×25×10mm 782122
L Trim Small Black 2700×25×10mm 782123
L Trim Small Ash Grey 2700×25×10mm 782124
L Trim Small Cloud 2700×25×10mm 782125
L Trim Small Light Grey 2700×25×10mm 782126
L Trim Small Blackbutt 2700×25×10mm 782127
L Trim Small Natural 2700×25×10mm 782128
L Trim Small Spotted Gum 2700×25×10mm 782129
L Trim Small Ironbark 2700×25×10mm 782130
L Trim Small Kempas 2700×25×10mm 782131
L Trim Small White Oak 2700×25×10mm 782132
L Trim Large Silver 2700×30×20mm 782221
L Trim Large Titanium 2700×30×20mm 782222
L Trim Large Black 2700×30×20mm 782223
L Trim Large Ash Grey 2700×30×20mm 782224
L Trim Large Cloud 2700×30×20mm 782225
L Trim Large Light Grey 2700×30×20mm 782226
L Trim Large Blackbutt 2700×30×20mm 782227
L Trim Large Natural 2700×30×20mm 782228
L Trim Large Spotted Gum 2700×30×20mm 782229
L Trim Large Ironbark 2700×30×20mm 782230
L Trim Large Kempas 2700×30×20mm 782231
L Trim Large White Oak 2700×30×20mm 782232

Universal Cover

Universal Cover Silver 2700×45mm 782321
Universal Cover Titanium 2700×45mm 782322
Universal Cover Black 2700×45mm 782323
Universal Cover Ash Grey 2700×45mm 782324
Universal Cover Cloud 2700×45mm 782325
Universal Cover Light Grey 2700×45mm 782326
Universal Cover Blackbutt 2700×45mm 782327
Universal Cover Natural 2700×45mm 782328
Universal Cover Spotted Gum 2700×45mm 782329
Universal Cover Ironbark 2700×45mm 782330
Universal Cover Kempas 2700×45mm 782331
Universal Cover White Oak 2700×45mm 782332

C-Trim Top

C Trim Top Silver 2700×25mm 782421
C Trim Top Titanium 2700×25mm 782422
C Trim Top Black 2700×25mm 782423
C Trim Top Ash Grey 2700×25mm 782424
C Trim Top Cloud 2700×25mm 782425
C Trim Top Light Grey 2700×25mmC Trim 782426
C Trim Top Blackbutt 2700×25mm 782427
C Trim Top Natural 2700×25mm 782428
C Trim Top Spotted Gum 2700×25mm 782429
C Trim Top Ironbark 2700×25mm 782430
C Trim Top Kempas 2700×25mm 782431
C Trim Top White Oak 2700×25mm 782432

H-Trim Top

H Trim Top Silver 2700×38mm 782521
H Trim Top Titanium 2700×38mm 782522
H Trim Top Black 2700×38mm 782523
H Trim Top Ash Grey 2700×38mm 782524
H Trim Top Cloud 2700×38mm 782525
H Trim Top Light Grey 2700×38mm 782526
H Trim Top Blackbutt 2700×38mm 782527
H Trim Top Natural 2700×38mm 782528
H Trim Top Spotted Gum 2700×38mm 782529
H Trim Top Ironbark 2700×38mm 782530
H Trim Top Kempas 2700×38mm 782531
H Trim Top White Oak 2700×38mm 782532

C & H Trim Base

The base is not seen, therefore colour is not important, simply order this product by size at your local flooring store.

C & H Trim Base 2700×6mm 782606
C & H Trim Base 2700×8mm 782608
C & H Trim Base 2700×10mm 782610
C & H Trim Base 2700×12mm 782612
C & H Trim Base 2700×14mm 782614
C & H Trim Base 2700×20mm 782620

U Channel

U Channel Silver 2700×6.5mm 782721
U Channel Titanium 2700×6.5mm 782722
U Channel Silver 2700×8.5mm 782821
U Channel Titanium 2700×8.5mm 782822
U Channel Silver 2700×10.5mm 782921
U Channel Titanium 2700×10.5mm 782922
U Channel Silver 2700×12.5mm 783021
U Channel Titanium 2700×12.5mm 783022
U Channel Silver 2700×15mm 783121
U Channel Titanium 2700×15mm 783122

Flat Cover

Flat Cover Silver 2700×45mm 783221
Flat Cover Titanium 2700×45mm 783222
Flat Cover Black 2700×45mm 783223
Flat Cover Ash Grey 2700×45mm 783224
Flat Cover Cloud 2700×45mm 783225
Flat Cover Light Grey 2700×45mm 783226
Flat Cover Blackbutt 2700×45mm 783227
Flat Cover Natural 2700×45mm 783228
Flat Cover Spotted Gum 2700×45mm 783229
Flat Cover Ironbark 2700×45mm 783230
Flat Cover Kempas 2700×45mm 783231
Flat Cover White Oak 2700×45mm 783232

Are your high traffic areas and staircases slip-resistant?

Slip-resistant products may be crucial to ensure the safety of your flooring installation for users. Understanding how slip resistance may affect your choices, starts with understanding slip resistance. We have provided a number of valuable reading materials to help you:

Slip-Resistant Products

There are a number of products available on the market should you need to improve the slip-resistant ratings for your flooring installation. First learn what the ‘P’ rating is for your flooring choice. You can discover the slip-resistant ratings by requesting an independent test report from your place of purchase or the flooring supplier directly. Sometimes, many flooring suppliers will make the ‘P’ rating very visible as part of their product specifications.

Slip-Resistant Tape

You can order Slip-Resistant Tape from Clever Choice. Ask your flooring store for more information.

Click here for the Slip-Resistant Tape report.

Slip-Resistant Coating

Click here for the recommended Slip-Resistant Coating product information sheet.


SCOTIAClever Scotia
To ensure your overall satisfaction with your flooring installation the finish of your floor is as important as your selections and installations from the start. Scotia serves as a functional need due to the expansion gap that is required around the perimeter of the room/s as well as a decorative element. At Clever Choice Design Floors, we offer a wide range of colours to choose from across our MDF and SPC Clever Scotia types. Yes, Clever offers a waterproof Scotia option to match your Clever Hybrid or Clever Hydro flooring choice.
STAIRNOSEClever Stairnose
When installing floorboards on your staircase considering matching a Clever Stairnose to finish the edge where your rise and tread meets. Stair nosing is a horizontal piece that protrudes over the edge of your steps and those extra millimeters provide an extra landing for your footsteps. The stairnose is where most of the foot traffic occurs. Choose Clever stairnoses for function and to enhance the finish of your flooring installation. Discover the full range of colours and types. We also have customer stairnosing available for our Timber floorboard products.
TRIMS and ACCESSORIESClever Trims and Accessories
Trims for flooring installations are almost always overlooked items as part of flooring purchases. Trims are useful to ensure successful flooring installation in your home or office that will add to the performance of your flooring installation and reduce flooring issues after. Trims serve multiple purposes including bridging areas, to cover expansion and contraction gaps, they also help with integration and overall harmony of your entire floorboard installation. When designing your flooring installation and preparing your items for purchase, ensure you discuss Clever Trims and accessories.

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