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Stair nosing for an elegant and impressive finish!

A substantial range of stair nosing or custom-made stair nosing is available to match your Clever floor purchase.

Stairnoses are an important aspect to consider, because:

  •  They protrude a little over the edge of the tread, providing some extra space for users to place their feet
  • Creates a beautiful feature, a focal point that will continue to impress
  • Clever Stairnoses are available across all our flooring ranges including Australian Timbers, Engineered Oak, Hybrid, Hydro, Laminate, and Bamboo
  • Adds value to your home with the seamless colour matched finish of your chosen Clever floors being installed on your internal staircase
  • Requires minimal cleaning
  • All Clever Choice products have been independently tested for slip performance. In cases where a slip result does not meet your requirements, Clever Choice does have additional slip-resistant products including slip-rated coatings and slip-resistant tapes available for application on-site.

To install Clever stairnoses, follow the simple process outlined below:

  1. Remove any additional coverings i.e. carpet off the staircase
  2. If the substructure has a bullnose, then you will need to either cut it off or pack out the riser
  3. Clean the substructure free of dirt or debris
  4. Cut and install the floorboards on the riser first, using builders’ adhesive to glue the boards in place. (Underlay is not to be used on the installation of stairs)
  5. Then cut the stair nose to fit over the riser
  6. Cut the floorboards to finish off the rest of the tread using builders’ adhesive to glue the boards in place.

Classic Stairnose Gallery
Hybrid Stairnose Gallery
Custom Stairnose Gallery

Stairnosing to match the Clever Classic Laminate & Hydro Laminate Lifestyle ranges

Stairnose Classic Brushbox (2400mm Length) 12980101
Stairnose Classic Cypress Pine (2400mm Length) 12980102
Stairnose Classic Gloss Spotted Gum (2400mm Length) 12980103
Stairnose Classic Gloss Blackbutt (2400mm Length) 12980104
Stairnose Classic Jarrah (2400mm Length) 12980105
Stairnose Classic Antique Brass (2400mm Length) 12980106
Stairnose Classic Matt Blackbutt / Antique Blackbutt (2400mm Length) 12980107
Stairnose Classic Matt Spotted Gum / Antique Spotted Gum (2400mm Length) 12980108
Stairnose Classic Aged Teak / Vintage Teak (2400mm Length) 12980109
Stairnose Classic Seashell / Sea Coast (2400mm Length) 12980110
Stairnose Classic Moonlight / Moon Grey (2400mm Length) 12980111
Stairnose Classic Silver Grey / Antique Grey (2400mm Length) 12980112
Stairnose Classic Iron Grey / Midnight (2400mm Length) 12980113
Stairnose Classic White Oak (2400mm Length) 12980114
Stairnose Classic Silky Silver (2400mm Length) 12980115
Stairnose Classic Barrelwood (2400mm Length) 12980116
Stairnose Classic Barnyard Grey (2400mm Length) 12980117
Stairnose Classic Le Sands (2400mm Length) 12980118

Stairnosing to match the Clever Hydro Laminate XL range

Stairnose Hydro XL Alaska (2400mm Length) 12960201
Stairnose Hydro XL Hawaii (2400mm Length) 12960202
Stairnose Hydro XL Miami (2400mm Length) 12960203
Stairnose Hydro XL Helena (2400mm Length) 12960204
Stairnose Hydro XL Lincoln (2400mm Length) 12960205
Stairnose Hydro XL Kansas (2400mm Length) 12960206
Stairnose Hydro XL New York (2400mm Length) 12960207
Stairnose Hydro XL Nashville (2400mm Length) 12960208
Stairnose Hydro XL Cleveland (2400mm Length) 12960209
Stairnose Hydro XL Black Magic (2400mm Length) 12960210
Stairnose Hydro XL Antique Teak (2400mm Length) 12960211
Stairnose Hydro XL Aqua Brushbox (2400mm Length) 12960212
Stairnose Hydro XL Aqua Blackbutt (2400mm Length) 12960213
Stairnose Hydro XL Aqua Spotted Gum (2400mm Length) 12960214

Stairnosing to match the Clever Hybrid XL 6mm range

Stairnose Hybrid XL Athens (2400mm Length) 12940361
Stairnose Hybrid XL Vienna (2400mm Length) 12940362
Stairnose Hybrid XL Kande Oak (2400mm Length) 12940363
Stairnose Hybrid XL Milan (2400mm Length) 12940364
Stairnose Hybrid XL Florence (2400mm Length) 12940365
Stairnose Hybrid XL Barcelona (2400mm Length) 12940366
Stairnose Hybrid XL Paris (2400mm Length) 12940367
Stairnose Hybrid XL Venice (2400mm Length) 12940368
Stairnose Hybrid XL NSW Blackbutt (2400mm Length) 12940369
Stairnose Hybrid XL NSW Spotted Gum (2400mm Length) 12940370
Stairnose Hybrid XL Cannes (2400mm Length) 12940371
Stairnose Hybrid XL Berlin (2400mm Length) 12940372
Stairnose Hybrid XL Prague (2400mm Length) 12940373
Stairnose Hybrid XL Budapest (2400mm Length) 12940374
Stairnose Hybrid XL Dublin (2400mm Length) 12940375

Stairnosing to match the Clever Hybrid Superior 9mm range

Stairnose Hybrid Superior Coastal Breeze (2400mm Length) 12940901
Stairnose Hybrid Superior Grey Forest (2400mm Length) 12940902
Stairnose Hybrid Superior Wheat Land (2400mm Length) 12940903
Stairnose Hybrid Superior Sandy Rock (2400mm Length) 12940904
Stairnose Hybrid Superior Winterfalls (2400mm Length) 12940905
Stairnose Hybrid Superior Black Sea (2400mm Length) 12940906
Stairnose Hybrid Superior Coastal Blackbutt (2400mm Length) 12940907
Stairnose Hybrid Superior Coastal Spotted Gum (2400mm Length) 12940908

Stairnosing to match the Clever Bamboo range

Stairnose Bamboo Balinese 1820x92x14mm 800401
Stairnose Bamboo Champagne 1850x90x14mm 800402
Stairnose Bamboo Coffee 1820x92x14mm 800403

Custom (tailor-made) Stairnosing

Custom Stairnose – now that’s Clever!

Clever Choice on request can arrange for your stairnosing to be custom made for any Clever Choice flooring product. The advantages of custom stairnosing with Clever is:

  • Your stairnosing will be created from the batch of Clever flooring purchased therefore producing a better colour match
  • Custom stairnoses can be ordered across all our flooring ranges including Australian Timber Species, European Engineered Oak, Hybrid, Hydro, Laminate, Bamboo
  • It only takes 5-7 days to turn-around a custom stairnose order

Custom stairnose profile

Custom Timber Stairnose All Ranges especially TimberHER_0526-min

Are your high traffic areas and staircases slip-resistant?

Slip-resistant products may be crucial to ensure the safety of your flooring installation for users. Understanding how slip resistance may affect your choices, starts with understanding slip resistance. We have provided a number of valuable reading materials to help you:

Slip-Resistant Products

There are a number of products available on the market should you need to improve the slip-resistant ratings for your flooring installation including improving the slip resistance to stair treads, entrance, and exit points.

First, learn what the ‘P’ rating is for your flooring choice. You can discover the slip-resistant ratings by requesting an independent test report from your place of purchase or the flooring supplier directly. Sometimes, many flooring suppliers will make the ‘P’ rating very visible as part of their product specifications. View the technical tab for each Clever range to download the slip test reports for the flooring product you are planning to install.

Slip-Resistant Tape

Slip Resitant Tape Black 50m for Web (2) Slip Resitant Tape Clear 50m for Web (1)

You can order Slip-Resistant Tape from Clever Choice. Contact us or ask your flooring store for more information.

Click here for the Slip-Resistant Tape report.

Slip-Resistant Coating

Bona Taffic HD Anti-slip Finish Lacquer 5l

You will need an Application Pack with the Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip 5L finishing lacquer. Contact us or ask your flooring store for more information.

Click here for the recommended Slip-Resistant Coating product information sheet.


SCOTIAClever Scotia
To ensure your overall satisfaction with your flooring installation the finish of your floor is as important as your selections and installations from the start. Scotia serves as a functional need due to the expansion gap that is required around the perimeter of the room/s as well as a decorative element. At Clever Choice Design Floors, we offer a wide range of colours to choose from across our MDF and SPC Clever Scotia types. Yes, Clever offers a waterproof Scotia option to match your Clever Hybrid or Clever Hydro flooring choice.
STAIRNOSEClever Stairnose
When installing floorboards on your staircase considering matching a Clever Stairnose to finish the edge where your rise and tread meets. Stair nosing is a horizontal piece that protrudes over the edge of your steps and those extra millametres provide extra landing for your foot steps. The stairnose is where most of the foot traffic occurs. Choose Clever Stair nosing for both function and to enhance the finish of your flooring installation. Discover the full range of colours and types. We also have customer stairnosing available for our Timber floorboard products.
TRIMS and ACCESSORIESClever Trims and Accessories
Trims for flooring installations are almost always overlooked items as part of flooring purchases. Trims are useful to ensure successful flooring installation in your home or office that will add to the performance of your flooring installation and reduce flooring issues after. Trims serve multiple purposes including bridging areas, to cover expansion and contraction gaps, they also help with integration and overall harmony of your entire floorboard installation. When designing your flooring installation and preparing your items for purchase, ensure you discuss Clever Trims and accessories.

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