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Next-generation laminate flooring!

The Clever Hydro Collection sets a new standard for flooring, backed by a 10-year Wet Area Warranty and 96 Hour Water Protection! Review the specification sheet and download the brochure to discover more details about our Clever Hydro flooring. 

Hydro Lifestyle

Vintage Teak

Hydro Flooring

SKU: 960263 (1215 × 196 × 12 mm)

Sea Coast

Hydro Flooring

SKU: 960264 (1215 × 196 × 12 mm)

Moon Grey

Hydro Flooring

SKU: 960265 (1215 × 196 × 12 mm)


Hydro Flooring

SKU: 960267 (1215 x 196 x 12mm)

Antique Spotted Gum

Hydro Flooring

SKU: 960262 (1215 × 196 × 12 mm)

Antique Grey

Hydro Flooring

SKU: 960266 (1215 × 196 × 12 mm)

Antique Blackbutt

Hydro Flooring

SKU: 960261 (1215 × 196 × 12 mm)

Hydro Flooring XL

New York

Hydro Flooring

SKU: 960207 (1830 × 235 × 12 mm)


Hydro Flooring

SKU: 960208 (1830 × 235 × 12 mm)


Hydro Flooring

SKU: 960203 (1830 × 235 × 12 mm)


Hydro Flooring

SKU: 960205 (1830 × 235 × 12 mm)


Hydro Flooring

SKU: 960206 (1830 × 235 × 12 mm)


Hydro Flooring

SKU: 960204 (1830 × 235 × 12 mm)


Hydro Flooring

SKU: 960202 (1830 × 235 × 12 mm)


Hydro Flooring

SKU: 960209 (1830 × 235 × 12 mm)


Hydro Flooring

SKU: 960210 (1830 × 235 × 12 mm)

Aqua Spotted Gum

Hydro Flooring

SKU: 960214 (1830 × 235 × 12 mm)

Aqua Brushbox

Hydro Flooring

SKU: 960212 (1830 × 235 × 12 mm)

Aqua Blackbutt

Hydro Flooring

SKU: 960213 (1830 × 235 × 12 mm)

Antique Teak

Hydro Flooring

SKU: 960211 (1830 × 235 × 12 mm)


Hydro Flooring

SKU: 960201 (1830 × 235 × 12 mm)

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Clever Hydro

Specifications XL
Board Size (W x L) 235 mm x 1830 mm
Thickness 12 mm
Pack Size 2.151 mm
Boards per Pack 5 boards
Finish Satin
Texture Embossed & Smooth
Grade & Colour variation 5 pattern repeat
Profile Clever Click
Stability/Density 950kg/m3
Construction Hydro Core
Raft Size (W x L) 12m x 20m
Installation Method Floating
Perimeter Gap & Coverage -min 7 & 7mm
Floor Level ovew 2 m 2 mm
Moisture Protection 96 Hours
Direct UV & Heat Protection Medium 3 hours
Under Floor Heating Yes 21-27 C
Climate & Environment Control Medium
Wear Resistance Layer* High Residential – AC4
Scratch Resistance High
Certifications *
Fire Rated Yes
Slip Rated P2
Emission Compliant E1
Acoustic Compliant Yes
Residential Warranty* 30 years
Commercial Warranty* 8 Years( Light Commercial )
*The information and data presented is believed to be accurate and has been compiled from sources believed to be reliable at the time of preparation. Full warranty terms and conditions and product guidelines are available for download on the Clever Choice Website


Clever Hydro Collection

You’ve discovered the place to download all our product test reports, Material Safety Data Sheet, and other relevant documentation.

Installation Guide

Clever guidelines for preparation and installation of your new floors.

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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) are documents that provide critical information about hazardous chemicals.

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Acoustic Test Reports

Independently tested our Acoustic Test Reports are available for download..

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Slip Test Reports

Indpendently tested our slip test reports are available for download.

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Critical Radiant Flux (Fire) Test Reports

Independently tested and available for download.

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Emission Test Report

To meet your specifications, emission reports are available for download.

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For the Long Term Performance of your Floors

Read all about how you can care and maintain your floors, by clicking on the links below.

Care & Maintenance

Clever tips and guides to help you care for and maintain your floors.

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Peace of mind when you invest in a Clever Choice product.

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Clever Choice 10 year wet area surface warranty.

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Performance Expectations

Further reading to help you better understand Clever Hydro flooring.

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Click on the link below to view and download the Noise Impact Test Report.

About the Test Reports and Disclaimer

Clever Choice Underlays have been tested by Koikas Acoustics Pty Ltd. The purpose of undertaking these impact noise tests was to quantify the acoustic performance of the flooring systems with selected floor coverings in conjunction with the sub-base being
concrete with suspending ceiling. The acoustic ratings provided in this report are indicative and for comparative purposes only.

Tests were conducted in a residential apartment building located in Macquarie Park, NSW. We were advised that the ceiling/floor system between the residential units is constructed with the following materials:

  • Approximately 200mm thick concrete slab
  • 80-100mm suspended ceiling cavity, and
  • 13mm thick plasterboard ceiling

Test results were compared to the acoustic requirements of Part F5 of BCA (Building Codes of Australia), the standards prescribed by the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC) and City of Sydney Council’s DCP 2012 requirements. All measurements were carried out following the guidelines and procedures outlined in AS/NZS ISO 140.7:2006 “Field measurements of impact sound insulation of floors” with the rating determined as per AS ISO 717.2-2004 “Rating of sound insulation in buildings and of building

Selecting the right Underlay for your purpose is of great importance, it is just as relevant to understand how sound and vibrations travel. Underlay is not the sole determining factor for achieving ultimate acoustic ratings and reduction in transmission of noise.
Acoustic ratings will vary depending on the testing environment/conditions including, materials/structures of the existing ceiling/floor system, room volume, internal layout and workmanship. Even with the same testing environment, acoustic ratings can vary from room to room and so buildings to buildings as no two buildings are identical.

Information gathered and provided by Paxwood Pty Ltd t/a Clever Choice Design Floors is given in good faith as a suggested guide in specifying Clever Choice Underlays, no guarantee or warranty is expressed or implied. No liability is accepted for any loss or damage, direct or indirect that may result from using the information and/or suggestions as actual conditions for use that are beyond our

Any circumstances not covered by our test reports, brochure, or information presented across our website should be referred to Paxwood Pty Ltd t/a Clever Choice Design Floors for any particular attention required.

Whilst all care is taken to ensure accuracy of information provided and displayed, Paxwood Pty Ltd t/a Clever Choice Design Floors cannot guarantee that photos, images, or information displayed is correct and recommends that users exercise their own skill and care with respect to the use of photos and images. Information is provided on an “as is”, “as available” basis without warranties of any kind, express or implied.

Discover more about Clever Hydro Flooring

Timeless – Hydro floors are stylish and fashionable.

Stability and Durability – 70% more stable than traditional laminate floors.

Easy Care & Maintenance – Due to the scratch & UV resistant coatings, its continued great looks are assured over it’s recommended lifetime.

More quality time for you and the family – Easy to clean and maintain with a quick dust, sweep with a soft-bristle broom or vacuum (Floors are not designed for use with steam mops).

Design Choice – Its incredible aesthetic and functional appeal makes choosing Hydro appropriate for installation in all areas of your home and office. Adaptable to any space with the range of colours and widths available.

Real Timber Feel– High quality print for a real timber look and feel under foot compared to Hybrid floors.

For Peace of Mind – Your flooring investment is secure with solid structural and finish warranties.

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