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All hardwood flooring is affected by moisture, temperature and relative humidity. 
To ensure the best performance of your floor, the temperature and the relative humidity should be moderated.
Refer to our care and maintenance guides above for more specific information.


If you find that the relative humidity, moisture and temperature levels are fluctuating greatly and regularly, you may want to invest in a (de)humidifier to help reduce the variance of these factors in the environment.

The use of humidifiers and dehumidifiers can help to maintain a consistent and safe level of relative humidity for the floor. They also have other benefits for health and cleanliness of the home. 


AusClimate is a trusted Australian company who sell a range of effective (de)humidifiers that we recommend. AirXpress are another trusted brand we recommend that sell and hire out (de)humidifiers.

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Just like we get thirsty on hot days, so do our floors. When moisture is present, or is introduced to the environment, timber floors absorb and take on the extra moisture, often causing them to swell or expand and, in some more extreme cases, even begin warping or "cupping".


Humidity metres monitor and measure the relative humidity within a home or environment where a floor is installed. They are designed to help the homeowner manage the conditions of the home in order to get optimum performance from their floor. When the relative humidity is not within the recommended range, there may be a need to install a humidifier or dehumidifier. A humidity metre can help to indicate when this may be required.

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