Clever Choice Design Floors has recently completed updating all product brochures and introduced for the first time the Clever Choice Underlay and Trims and Accessories brochures.

For your convenience Clever Choice brochures are available to view and download from the Clever Choice website, click on the links below:

Clever Choice Underlay Brochure:

Underlay Brochure

Clever Choice Trims and Accessories brochure:

Trims and Accessories Brochure

Clever Choice Hydro brochure:

Hydro Brochure

Clever Choice Oak brochure:

Oak Brochure

Clever Choice Australian Timber brochure:

Australian Timbers Brochure

Clever Choice Classic Laminate brochure:

Laminate Brochure

Clever Choice Ultimate Bamboo brochure:

Bamboo Brochure



Product details and information is available for you to discover and galleries for each product range is ready for you to view. Follow the links below to discover more about each Clever Choice collection:


Clever Choice Product Collections