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We offer a wide range of high-quality flooring types including European Engineered Oak, Australian Timber Species, Classic Laminate, Hydro Laminate, Hybrid SPC, and Ultimate Bamboo.


Our focus on quality first has gained us recognition as the benchmark to which other suppliers aspire. We are selective with the flooring we offer, as not all flooring is made to the same standards.

The ‘Clever’ brand has been specified and installed in Government, major residential, and commercial construction projects throughout Australia. We have been relied on for our:

  • Super quality flooring
  • Most stable, durable and
  • Value for money

Clever Choice products are designed and manufactured to continue to perform over their recommended lifetimes and are fully covered by structural and finish warranties.

Our resellers are selected for their professional customer service, excellent product knowledge, and after-sales support ensuring satisfaction from your new flooring experience. (The Clever Choice offices are not set-up for direct to public sales. We would be delighted to help you connect with one of our resellers!)

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In a Clever Class

Clever Choice is devoted to excellence in research, product development, and customer service. You can count us to bring you high-quality, affordable and adaptable products.

  • Nation-wide – Our products are available and accessible from flooring stores across Australia

  • Independently Tested – product specifications have been independently tested and certified to meet International and Australian standards.

  • Customers – are always given warm, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional service complemented by our appreciation and respect for everyone.

  • Affordable – High-quality products and affordability.

Clever Choice Design Floors is more than fashion in flooring, it is a way to live, work, play by delivering you flooring solutions for your home or work environment.


To create “Raving Fans” by offering an environmentally sustainable hardwood flooring alternative that upholds the high standards of quality and beauty

Clever Choice continues to innovate product development and formulate sustainable flooring solutions in order to deliver the highest quality products to the Australian flooring market.  Our relationships and products will always reflect our commitment to quality and offer exceptional customer service and value for money.

  • Excellence in customer service
  • Best practice
  • Integrity, accountability and dependability
  • Technical excellence
  • Continuous improvement and innovation
  • Environmentally Sustainable

1.Commitment to quality first, style and value
2.Commitment to all our customers:

-Trade, Independent Stores and Retail Groups
-Suppliers and Staff
-Business and Industry
-Community and general public

  • Collaboration: Leverage collective experience, skills and knowledge. We will involve all stakeholders in the quality improvement process.
  • Performance: Driven by our customers’ needs we are committed to continually improve our processes and quality of service.
  • Diversity: Our success will come from inclusiveness and valuing different ideas, opinions, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds.
  • Passion: Encourage innovation and efficiencies in all our work and service to continually and consistently move forward. Do the basics exceptionally well and keep it simple.
  • We will foster integrity by being honest, fair and equitable in all our dealings
  • We will abide by government laws and regulations
  • We will support the correct supply chain and follow our supplier agreements
  • We will maintain appropriate confidentiality of staff and customer records





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